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Sri Lanka Economic Summit Begins Today Page Daily

Aug 2, 2016 – 'Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2016, organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce will commence today August 2, with the participation of President Maithripala Sirisena. The two day summit, titled 'Focus. Act. Deliver', has attracted 460 top corporate and public sector senior executives will discuss how to …

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The catalog in force is assigned to students based on the academic year they first applied to the college, and changes only when students change their major or request the change in writing. Refer to Policy No. 3357:15-13-06. 1718 Catalog. Effective Summer 2017. 2156. Business and Information Technology Division.

Exciting Sportshall Athletics Has Children Bouncing Off The Walls

Exciting Sportshall Athletics has children bouncing off the walls. by Ed Bartram February 23, 2016. Five Sportshall Athletics competitions were run as part of the SusSchool Games at Tanbridge House School in Horsham on Monday (22nd February). Almost 600 children competed throughout the day, displaying an …