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Burke Gaffney Observatory Observation Id

Date Requested: 2016-11-14. Date Taken (night of):, 2016-12-02. Request ID: 2452. Observer: Andrew Frank (@AFrankGMX). Observer Affiliation: RASC Halifax. Object Name: PALLAS. Object Type: Asteroid. Catalog: Observer Comment: Exposure (seconds):, 20. Filter: LUM. Full resolution JPEG Image: click here.

Family Ibm Real Time Compression Appliance Stn

Jul 11, 2017 – M2452+02, ABSTRACT The IBM 2452 is a Real-time Compression Appliance STN7800 that provides online storage optimization through real-time data compression with no impact to application performance. The STN7800 is … Discontinued. 2452-780, 2013/02/05, 2013/02/15, 2014/05/14, 2016/10/31 …