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Iso Iec Information Technology Vocabulary Part

ISO/IEC 2382-37:2017 establishes a systematic description of the concepts in the field of biometrics pertaining to recognition of human beings and reconciles variant terms in use in pre-existing biometric standards against the preferred terms, thereby clarifying the use of terms in this field. … Publication date : 2017-02.

Iso En Medical Devices Quality Management

[SOURCE: ISO/IEC 2382‑4:1999, 04.09.02, modified – Note has been deleted.] 3.14. multiple-linked synonym. alternative name(s) for a synonym term linked to more than one GMDN Term. 3.15. name. verbal designation of an individual concept. [SOURCE: ISO 1087‑1:2000, 3.4.2, modified — The preferred term in ISO …

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Terme de 5 ans; Investissement minimal de 1 000 $ (10 dépôts); Capital 100 % protégé à l'échéance par la Banque Nationale du Canada; Facteur de participation de 62.50 %; Admissible à l'assurance-dépôts de la SADC; Admissible dans les différents types de comptes (REER, FERR, RPDB, REEE, REEI et CELI).

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This article is a PNAS Direct Submission. 1To whom correspondence should be addressed. Email: This article contains supporting information online at 1073/pnas.1513779113/-/DCSupplemental. 2382–2387 | PNAS | March 1, 2016 | vol. 113 | no. 9.

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Study On Dissolution Behavior Of Pt M Binary Alloys Under Potential

Study on Dissolution Behavior of Pt-M Binary Alloys Under Potential Cycling By Channel Flow Multi Electrodes. (Downloading may take up to 30 seconds. If the slide opens in your browser, select File -> Save As to save it.) Click on image to view larger version. Figure 1. Add to CiteULike CiteULike; Add to Delicious …