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Sri Lanka Economic Summit Begins Today Page Daily

Aug 2, 2016 – 'Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2016, organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce will commence today August 2, with the participation of President Maithripala Sirisena. The two day summit, titled 'Focus. Act. Deliver', has attracted 460 top corporate and public sector senior executives will discuss how to …

Us Strongly Endorsed Democratic Progress In Sl Page Daily

Feb 25, 2016 – The United States in 2015 strongly endorsed democratic progress in Sri Lanka, says Secretary of State John Kerry. In his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry admired the democratic gains achieved in countries including Sri Lanka and Burma.

I Cryptic Crossword Phi Idothei

Feb 13, 2018 – One of Phi's disorientating weekday appearances this time. 1ac was a gimme, and I fleetingly wondered whether we had an Updike themed puzzle on our hands. That might have ensured some lively comments, but as it turned out it's something far more nebulous. This crossword seemed very gentle by the …